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Building up a serious game design idea around Japanese language learning

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What is the Bouken Da!?

Bouken Da! is an attempt at integrating social aspects and Serious Game Design elements into learning the Japanes Language.


Why Bouken Da!?

Japanese Language Learning isn't easy. In many ways using books and studying with repetition can only provide so much in terms of learning, and with language learning it often goes beyond what one can see in books or non-interactive learning material. Bouken Da! attempts to find a balance by applying more interactive elements as well as social elements to enhance learning and motivate users to do more to grasp the language.

Why Hawaii?

This project was developed as part of a class for the University of Hawaii and being situated in Hawaii has a deep connection to the roots of Japanese culture. Hawaii has many connections to Japan (both historically and culturally) and celebrates many of the same cultural events as Japan does. With such a unique landscape, it is a good opportunity to explore the possibilities.

How it works

!That's Currently in Development.! Right now Bouken Da! works using the Makahiki infrastructure (which you can learn about here) and is designed with Django and Python to serve as an interconnected serious game system where participants can learn in a variety of ways.

Want to Know More?

Bouken Da! is still a work in progress and not yet implemented in and functional system. But while it is still in the very early stages of development, design concepts and aspects were created and prepared to match the system as it began implementation. Details for that can be found as follows:

For more information For more information, please go to The Creators Blog Here, to learn about the concept.